Will Bouma
Will Bouma

Ontario Helps Municipalities Build, Repair or Replace Roads and Bridges

Provincial Funding will lead to a better transportation system in Brantford


May 8, 2020


BRANTFORD — The Ontario government is providing $30 million to build a safer and more reliable transportation system that will help keep goods moving and better connect municipalities throughout the province.

As part of the Connecting Links program, Will Bouma, MPP for Brantford-Brant announced that the province is providing the City of Brantford with $1,054,000.00 to support the resurfacing of northbound King George Road (Highway 24) from Kent Road to Powerline Road (including intersections).

“This is a very busy and vital north-south corridor for the entire Region” said Brantford-Brant MPP Will Bouma. “This is an important step forward to ensure safe and steady movement of people and goods for South Western Ontario”.

“I am very pleased that the Province of Ontario not only continues to support municipalities in dealing with the COVID-19, but is providing much needed financial support for other important infrastructure projects” said Brantford Mayor Kevin Davis. “This also speaks to the hard work and efforts of our local MPP Will Bouma”.

The 2020-21 Connecting Links program will support 24 municipalities across the province to help them build, repair or replace municipal roads and bridges that connect two ends of a provincial highway through a community or to a border crossing.

“We understand that the maintenance and repair costs of roads and bridges places a heavy burden on our municipal partners,” said Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation. “That is why we continue to support our local communities with investments that will keep families safe, goods moving, and drive economic growth and job creation.”

The funding will support three bridge repairs, 10 resurfacing projects, seven reconstruction projects, and four detailed design projects to prepare for further infrastructure investments.

Connecting Link projects are reviewed based on technical need and safety considerations such as the condition of the connecting link bridge and road, need for repair in the near term and cost effectiveness.

Eligible municipalities are also encouraged to apply for funding for the 2021-22 Connecting Links Program, which will be open to applications later this year. 

Quick Facts

  • The Connecting Links program is delivered through the Ministry of Transportation. The funding covers up to 90 per cent of eligible project costs, to a maximum of $3 million. Eligible costs include the design, construction, renewal, rehabilitation and replacement of connecting links.
  • In Ontario, there are a total of 352 kilometres of connecting links, with 70 bridges in 77 municipalities.


For more information, contact MPP Will Bouma at 519-759-0361 or will.bouma@pc.ola.org