Will Bouma
Will Bouma

Ontario Building New Long-Term Care Beds in Mt. Pleasant and Paris

Ongoing investments in new projects will protect our progress by bringing much-needed beds to the province

NEWS February 11, 2022

PARIS, ON — The Ontario government is adding 59 new and 69 upgraded long-term care beds to modernize and expand Hardy Terrace in Mount Pleasant and adding 83 new and 45 upgraded long-term care beds to a new building for Telfer Place in Paris. This is part of the government’s $6.4 billion commitment to build more than 30,000 net new long-term care beds by 2028 and 28,000 upgraded long-term care beds across the province.

“Our government has a plan to fix long-term care and a key part of that plan is building modern, safe, and comfortable homes for our seniors,” said Paul Calandra, Minister of Long-Term Care. “When the expansion in Mount Pleasant and the new building in Paris are completed, 256 residents will have a new place to call home, near their family and friends.”

The project at Hardy Terrace in Mount Pleasant adds new and upgraded long-term care beds through a renovation to the existing home. The home will have a total of 160 long-term care beds after the renovation is complete. Hardy Terrace will continue to offer specialized services, be part of a campus of care, and has proposed to provide cultural services to the Sikh community. 

The project at Telfer Place in Paris involves a brand-new building for the existing home. Telfer Place will have a total of 128 long-term care beds once the new building is complete. The home has proposed to continue current volunteer-based partnerships and collaborations with social, emotional, spiritual and physical service groups to continue supporting resident needs.

Construction at both homes is expected to start by spring 2024.

There are now 266 new and 318 upgraded long-term care beds in development, under construction or completed in Brantford-Brant, including the following projects:

  • 59 new and 69 upgraded beds allocated to Hardy Terrace in Mt. Pleasant announced today;
  • 83 new and 45 upgraded beds allocated to Telfer Place in Paris announced today;
  • 40 new (including 20 previously allocated) beds at John Noble Home in Brantford;
  • 70 new and 90 upgraded beds at Fox Ridge Care Community Home in Brantford;
  • 64 upgraded beds at Park Lane Terrace Home in Paris; and
  • 14 new and 50 upgraded beds at Iroquois Lodge Home in Ohsweken.

The government has a plan to fix long-term care and to ensure Ontario’s seniors get the quality of care and quality of life they need and deserve both now and in the future. The plan is built on three pillars: staffing and care; accountability, enforcement, and transparency; and building modern, safe, comfortable homes for seniors.


“I am so pleased to make this announcement today along with my friend and colleague Hon. Minister Paul Calandra for the people of Brantford-Brant.  Our government’s plan to fix long-term care is built on three pillars. These three pillars are: improving staffing and care; protecting residents through better accountability, enforcement and transparency; and building modern, safe, and comfortable homes for our seniors. I am so pleased to be part of this announcement today and look forward to advocating for more advancements and improvements to our long-term care sector in the region.”

MPP Will Bouma, Brantford-Brant

“The County of Brant is thrilled to receive an additional 256 new and re-developed beds for two of the local Long Term Care Homes.  As we continue to grow, these new beds will provide much needed capacity for our aging population.  I am thankful to MPP Bouma and the Province for their continued support to ensure Ontario’s seniors get the quality of care and quality of life they need and deserve. The County of Brant is committed to ensuring older adults in our community are able to live rich lives, no matter how their health needs may change with time.”

Mayor David Bailey, County of Brant


  • As of today, Ontario now has 22,343 new and 17,824 upgraded beds in the development pipeline — which means more than 74 percent of the 30,000 net new beds being delivered are in the planning, construction and opening stages of the development process.
  • Ontario plans to invest an additional $3.7 billion, beginning in 2024-25, on top of the historic $2.68 billion already invested, to support this new series of allocations for the development of 10,000 net new and more than 12,000 upgraded beds across the province. These historic investments would bring the total to $6.4 billion since spring 2019. 


Visit Ontario’s website to learn about how the Province continues to protect Ontarians from COVID-19.

2021 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review: Build Ontario



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